“A Warm Hug”

Its sole aim is to provide all kind of clothes to poverty stricken indigent people of any age. This first initiatives started on December 25, 2016 from Gopalpura Village in Khempur, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

On 25th December 2016 in the first program, we provided 100 sweaters and 25 blankets to actually needed person, it is very difficult task to find actually person-in-need, so Moti Foundation’s team started visit door to door and distributed cloths.

We believe for this initiative is “Not to distribute more in quantity, distribute to those people who actual in need.”

From that 1st day to present we are getting donation in old used cloths and as we are getting donations, we are distributing it to nearby rural villages.

We got the donations from persons, corporates, schools, institutions like IIM Udaipur etc. 

“Save food, save life

If you are donating food to someone that is good thing, but when you start to save the food it could be best. In the marriages, functions and other programs tons of food gets wasting. Apart from that many people left the food half eaten at home, at restaurant, so can you imagine how much food are getting wasted per day. In world 4 deaths per minutes counted for the reason of hunger.

Moti Foundation not promising and promoting that give us donation and foundation will provide the food to all hungers, NO ……

We believe to create and spared awareness with every person and in society. They must take the responsibility about this…. We need to start the save the food from our self-first after that many things will get changed automatically. if people will understand and aware about “save food save life” title then no one will sleep hungry in the world.

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